Maria Alvarez

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Movies
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She came out of the shower and sat down in a corner of a Woody Allen  special yellow tinted room wearing just a white towel. She lit the white slender cigarette, took a long drag and exhaled a cloud of smoke as I gazed at her bright innocent eyes in the smoky background. I wished I could actually smell the smoke. Know what she inhaled and exhaled. Bandidas, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Blow …. I’m pretty sure by now it’s clear what we are talking about today. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you need to have your head examined. If you are a guy and you still haven’t figured it out yet, then maybe you need to have some other parts of your body examined as well. The sensational, sensuous, seductive…the heartbeat-stopping, mouth-watering, goosebumps-raising..the living, breathing symbol of elegance, sensuousness, beauty…the woman of my dreams …. Penelope Cruz. The reason why she made it to this post of ours is something that needs explaining.  Well to start with I start admiring a lady’s beauty with her eyes ,  and in this case, the big black eyes along with the beautiful long eyelashes alone make her a subject for paintings. Add to that those beautiful, juicy lips framed by the perfectly shaped jawline. This isn’t supposed to be a page for adults but I frequently find myself wishing I could slowly pour honey on them and…..Her long brown shiny hair looks like it belongs to a princess from a fairy tale. Her body… oh, that skin, that complexion, that neck, those arms, those legs, those legs, those legs, and of course, those firm, yummy,….um, never mind.In short, in my opinion, it’s what a sculptor would imagine a goddess to be. Perfect. Period.

That was a little too much I guess. Sorry. I wasn’t being dirty. What she inspires in me is something…..well, spiritual, if you can believe that. Now I have to admit, writing this is getting tougher  and tougher. Why? Because I often forget to breathe when I’m thinking of her, you jackass. And I’m thinking hard now. My mistake, I thought of Jamon Jamon, chokes me every time. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. If you are a guy and you haven’t seen it yet, you are an idiot, now please do. If you are married, maybe you shouldn’t. The best part, however,  is yet to come, its her accent . If you have seen Bandidas then you will definitely remember the “my name is Maria Alvarez” .  That beautiful raw spanish pronunciation of the rolling “R” makes me feel like learning the language . Her Spanish accent  acts like a add-on to her voluptuous self   . Her smile will always, always make you smile even if you are in the gloomiest mood. Whenever I see her, I feel a warmth inside me, like I can teleport myself near her, maybe talk to her, maybe….

Anyway, enough of that. About her acting skills… two things :

1. What acting skills?

2. Who the hell cares about her acting skills anyway??

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P.S : THIS IS IMPORTANT : We both have girlfriends. If, after this is published, we are murdered in our beds, you’ll know who, and why.

  1. Anushree says:

    Shouldn’t this article come with an A certificate?? 😀

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