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It was 2:30 am, 3 liters down, New Years eve. I was sweating , trying hard to sit straight on the couch  while my head was spinning like a merry-go-round. I saw  my  two brothers  were carrying my sloshed brother-in-law  in hope of bringing him into senses by forcing him to take a shower.

I have always wanted to drink like a gentleman specially if I am drinking something like Chivas Regal 12 years old. Like suited Hollywood characters filling the glass with ice cubes as it makes the twinkling sound, then pouring the sparkling gold-colored scotch from an elegant looking bottle slowly into it. A perfect Hollywood  moment. But alas,  I ended up doing clumsy bhangra to the song “munni badnam hui ” and puked the next morning.

I decided I should limit myself to Blender’s Pride. The problem with drinking these expensive scotch is you keep drinking it because it is much much much smoother than regular whiskey and then when it hits you ? you won’t get time to recover, the world will spin and you will end up cursing yourself like me. Anyways, I missed my chances with the Chivas, but you should not miss it. I figured out that one should follow three rules while drinking expensive scotch :

1. It must be served on the rocks.

2. Consumed slowly.

3. You should limit yourself to 4 or 5 pegs or else the taste buds will not respond and you will not be able to enjoy the rich flavor.

Drink like James Bond drinking Vesper, Bill Murray drinking scotch in the movie Lost in Translation , Jeff Bridges drinking White Russian in the movie  The Big Lebowski , Robert Duvall aka Captain drinking Mojito in the movie Thank you for smoking  or any other rich aristocrats who drinks like them.

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However alluring it might look on movie screen but honestly it is not always possible for general crowd like us to drink like that. So we are conducting a poll so that we get know each others drinks. Since it is humanely not possible to mention all of the brand names on the list, we are only mentioning the types of drinks on the poll . However feel free to let us know what’s your brand through comments  so that we can be more knowledgeable in this noble subject. Lets see how many drinks we come up with , so that we can try out each others choices.

Drink responsibly. Cheers!!

  1. Anushree says:

    The smoothest scotch I have ever had was Black Dog.. Loved it.. It was so smooth and silky.. The physical equivalent of the taste would be running a soft silk scarf or tie through your fingers.. Hmmm….
    My favourite cocktail is of course the Mojito.. However, it is my cursed lot that so far only two pubs have managed to get it exactly right, the rest make it too sweet or too watery or just plain and simple blah!!!! Those two places were Le Space in Pondicherry and @Live in New Delhi..

    But last year I tasted JD for the first time and I was blown away.. I looouuuuuwed the rich woody flavour and aftertaste in my mouth.. and I have been hankering for round two ever since.. 😛

  2. lucky me , I was at both the mojito incidents and the JD incident too … don’t worry we will surely have the second round 🙂

  3. donn blame the stuff cz f ur irrspnsbl drnkng……… it rqrs lts f experience to knw and undrstand the true taste nd flavr f a scotch……. ppl whos lstng jimi hndrx fr d frst tm ll defly say wht a crap…… but u go on listng more nd more the real jimi wll unfold ….. likewise to knw the true flvr of sctch u ve to cntnu………..

    3 cheers fr scotch…………….

  4. pritha says:

    Can only say CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. well definitely scotch is not crap …tauba tauba …its just that it is not supposed to be drank plenty at a time 🙂

  6. Anushree says:

    It could be drunk plenty at a time but it just needs to be done right.. I know of two people who finished one bottle between them..

    I think scotch is more like an acquired taste.. Not exactly for amateurs.. 😛 Definitely hazardous to combine it with “Munni badnaam”!!!! 😀

  7. Madhubanti Mukerji says:

    hmm…hard to vote for just one. I’ll tell you why. Read below.

    For never-ending ‘adda’ sessions- Beer, as you can drink as much as you want, easiest drink to keep on drinking. My absolute favorite is Guinness.

    When socializing/on a creative drive (drink/make)- Cocktail [especially Mojito], Vodka.

    When drinking with JD [ who happens to be my husband and not a drink]- Rum. Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum, to be exact.

    While enjoying my own company- Scotch.It goes very well with a book or a solitary card game and some appropriate music. It’s almost like a pet you could cuddle up with 🙂 My drink is Laphroaig-smooth and woody.
    As I habitually drink Scotch, I can’t say much about Whiskey. But JD (the drink) is one of the good ones that I’ve tried. A close second is Blue Label.

    When feeling adventurous- time to try out country liquors and all kinds of liqueurs with coffee. Sambuca with just ice tastes pretty nice. One can even flame it, but I haven’t tried that yet. I tried Sake which wasn’t very impressive. I’m currently looking forward to try out Raki.

    When Cooking- Wine 😛

    When trying to get drunk- try all of above with tequila shots in between. I did it once and will hopefully do it never ever. First you feel the pain of dying and then the morning after you’d feel like the walking-dead, if you had the energy to leave your bed, that is. I had the good sense to remain in mine 🙂

    Here’s a toast to all the merry drinkers and drunkards. May we all drink our fill this year.


  8. Thanks Tua for sharing, that was quite lovely. Hoping to share a drink with you when you come home. Keep up the spirits !! 🙂

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