Listening to: Do the Evolution (Pearl Jam).

Mood: Violent, nostalgic.

It was 2005 , we were covering Roadhouse Blues by The Doors in my college band. Well I nailed that song that day, actually that was the only song  I nailed during my brief singing career. I was high on two joints and Old Monk Rum. Perfect dope for singing like Jim Morrison. I was so high that I started screaming Fuck you ! Fuck you ! on the microphone while the entire institute management was sitting in the first two rows. However my vision was only limited to the friendly crowd who were standing and cheering right at front.

It was too alluring when thoughts arrived like flashes of Eddie Vedder, AXL Rose, Phil Alselmo,Kurt Cobain, Farhan Akhtar in the movie ‘Rock On’ and many other rockstars doing a perfect Stage Dive . Well I still remember there were so many moments when I walked to the edge of the stage and stared at the crowd and then backed off. Don’t know why at that very moment I couldn’t do it . Maybe I was remembering the scene from the movie School of Rock where Jack Black did a stage dive and landed up on the floor ‘face down’ after the crowd refused to catch him. Ouch !!

I dream a lot about it. Me jumping on a pool of crowd. I think doing a stage jump is like going for those rides which looks dangerous. If you gather enough courage to do it once then it gets into you and you repeat it whenever you get an opportunity. The reason why you get scared is you are never sure if the crowd loves you “that” much. If they are ready to risk their muscles to lift a 75kg throwing itself into them. If they don’t realize enough the “rockstar” inside you then they will surely mock and laugh at you and call you a “wannabe”. You get scared if some damages happen to you as well. There should be a huge positive energy flowing inside you, before you dare to do something like that.

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Well the master of stage jump is Eddie. He does it the wild style. Well, being a member of a band like Pearl Jam makes it easier for him I guess. If you haven’t seen him doing it , see “this (Caution: Do not try this at home . It is performed by a rockstar who is ready to die and is definitely going through high adrenaline rush) . You got the picture ? There are bands like Greenday where front man Billie Joe Armstrong did a stage jump in Lollapalooza and hurt himself badly. There is AXL rose throwing himself dangerously from a high stage.Then you have lunatics like slipknot front man Sid Wilson doing a balcony jump from 15ft above or Kurt Cobain leaping on the crowd while playing the guitar. Its mindfucking “. You know what else is mindfucking ? Lady Gaga doing a stage dive and crowd surfing in Lollapalooza. Her outfit which she wore and jumped on the crowd do not cover anything, well basically she jumped into the crowd  naked. I am actually surprised she made it out alive / unraped. Check this” out in YouTube if you do not believe me.  Maybe this shows how beautiful and lady like Lady Gaga is.

Since time immemorial rockstars are doing stage dives and its a part of the entertainment, some do it for their own experience and some to win crowds. All  you have to do is  “trust your crowd and take the leap of faith .

  1. GON says:

    Jump !Jump! Jump again…..
    When you are happy and you know and you really wanna show it…jump again

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