The Artist

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Actor, Entertainment, Film Review, Movies
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  Ta ta tara pum … pum pum pum… tara pum !!!!

Hello folks!! missed me ?? … ya ?? seriously …ole baba le …ocho pocho . Anyways get over it because there is a much more important thing that I will be talking about today. Am pretty sure most of you guys got a glimpse of it by looking at the snap above. Yes!! am going to talk about the movie “The Artist” which rocked the world right at the beginning of 2012 by winning 5 Oscars, 7 BAFTA awards, 3 Golden Globe awards and many more. The French director Michel Hazanavicius and the actor Jean Dujardin have been flying high since then. This is the biggest triumph in their long years of service to the movie industry. I discovered they do not know how to speak English  well and very tactfully they made the biggest Hollywood movie of  2011.

The movie reached that level just because it keeps surprising you in every moment starting from the beginning when after 10 minutes you realize that you are actually watching a silent movie made in the sets of the year 1927. You feel like teleported to that era. You will really not miss all the talking and the sound because it has been replaced by beautiful jazz music which will make your mood jumpy and refreshing. It’s a movie which will keep you glued to the seat not because of the beautiful romantic story of a super famous silent movie star named George Valentin and a rising movie actress Peppy Miller but due to the surprises and the beautiful flow of the movie which is funny, psychedelic, romantic and refreshing. It’s a beautifully acted movie which portrayed how pride destroyed a silent movie superstar when talkies was introduced to the movie industry and how he misunderstood his lover Peppy Miller who was a talkies superstar who got a break in the movie industry because of George. He was so blinded by his pride that he turned from riches to rags and became a madman. He lost all his friends, his only friend was his pet dog who finally saved his life. The movie proved to the world that only facial expressions and good music can say more than dialogues. I dearly hoped the pet dog of “The Artist” won an Oscar for best supporting actor.

I would love to write more about it but I will spare myself for the ones who have not seen the movie yet as it will destroy all the fun. So readers please do watch this movie. I know, most people’s first impression of the movie is that it will be too intellectual because it’s silent and it’s in black and white. Believe me, that’s not the case. it’s a lot of fun. It’s full of fun and surprises and you will feel good and refreshed in the end .Watch it.

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