Paradise Pondicherry

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Drinks, Entertainment, refreshment, Tourism, travel
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Where in India would you find a beautiful coastline, peace, cleanliness and less traffic in a single city ? No idea? Ok! I will give you some more hints. This city  serves the best continental food and has the best restro bars in India. Still no clue ??  This heavenly place is none other than Pondicherry or widely known as Puducherry. Located in the eastern coast of India, this place is a 4 hour drive from Chennai. The best way to reach is by Volvo from Koyembedu bus stand, ticket priced around 150 bucks.

Next on the agenda, find a place to stay near the ashram area and you are all ready to peace out. Wake up early and don’t miss the amazing English or Spanish breakfast served in Daily Breads or Hot Breads.  The heat quite bearable at this hour making it the perfect time to roam around the ashram area. It looks bright and beautiful with a lovely view of the early morning ashram activities along the coastline.

Then you should thoroughly explore the ashram area and the French part of town where you will get a good view of  beautiful french architecture and the interesting boutique shops. You will feel like you have been tele-ported to the narrow pebbled old streets of Paris. You walk along the streets and you will find very cozy and unique eat outs serving confectioneries and snacks. The restro pubs are just mind blowing!! The best eat outs spots as per my find is Le Space, Pizzeria, Ajantha and Le Duplex. The Le Space has a very unique architecture and the place plays the most amazing world music and jazz. This place has every time surprised me with something or the other. Sometimes the furniture or the waiter (the varieties include hot Australian babe, stoned Nepali or bare chested south Indian) , the common factor being all of them are too cool like the Mojito served there. The menu board is interesting and the place has got the best lighting and ambiance imaginable. Ajantha bar has got an amazing view as it is located on the fourth floor of the Ajantha Inn situated right next to the coastline. The lighthouse on the right  gives it a perfect touch so that you can enjoy Fish N Chips and Rum with the sea breeze brushing over your face. Now its time to visit the place which made me gain 3 kilos in 7 days. Its none other than Pizzeria. This place is managed by a Goanese who makes world’s best pizza in a clay oven. The moment you walk inside you will fall in love with the place. Follow the spiral staircase to reach the terrace where you can sit under the starry night and enjoy the handmade delicious juicy mouthwatering pizza with beer. If you’ve a heavy pocket then try out Promenade and Rendezvous too.

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Do not miss the park located at the center of the French part of the town. Sit there when you want to beat the afternoon heat and relax under a tree or read a book. Its very clean and peaceful and if you are lucky you can catch  sight of French chicks or someone practicing juggling act or some other interesting activity. This is where you can sit after having lunch in Le Vietnam or Richie Rich. This place called Richie Rich is a must for all ice cream lovers as they have got the largest variety of delicious and cheap ice creams. The best according to my opinion is Death by Chocolate and it lives upto the name. These are pretty much the places you have to visit. However if you are a fan of  Rishi Aurobindo or Shri Shri Shree Ma,  or if you are a spiritual person then you have a lot of places to visit and lot of activities to take part in.  So all the good holy spirited people check out these websites  and

A warning for all  shopaholics. Your wallet will take a bad hit once you visit the shops like Casablanca, Titanic or The Auro shop. But whatever your economic situation is, please do visit these places atleast once as it will help you to get the idea of what items to buy to build a perfect dream home or what will complete your dream wardrobe.

So grab your backpack and fill it  with summer clothes and visit this paradise. My suggestions?  Lose some weight before going there,  carry a GPS device and good shades, learn to drive a scooty before leaving and carry a good camera. And its a request, if you know of any other interesting places around (am sure there must be loads) please do share it with us. I will add it to my ‘to do’ list while planning my next trip.

  1. l'anonymat says:

    Real good read! Helped me plan my itinerary for a whirlwind trip.

  2. Thanks . So when are you going there ?

  3. anuspace says:

    Lovely!! I think it managed to beautifully encapsulate the experience that is Pondicherry. A total trip down memory lane for me. The description of the food part had me reminiscing sadly 😦
    I guess I need to start planning my next trip soon 🙂

  4. @ anuspace : am coming too 🙂

  5. Payal says:

    Great work and amazing photography.

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