Welcome to the first ever broadcast of the loony radio channel. We are two morons who can be cited as perfect examples of the failure of the Indian education system. We conduct computer literacy classes over the phone for a living. I’m sure you can tell from that how well we get paid. This blog is born for two reasons. One :  a complete lack of better things to do, which is not surprising. Two : a vague dream of making some money in an indefinite future. Now that is strange. Our friends do not usually consider us that stupid, but there you go.

We tried doing a little homework on what a successful blog should be like. “Be focused.” All the tutorials and guides and experts said.  “Find out what you are really and consistently interested in, find out what you are an expert on, and keep writing on that. ” Well, we tried following that path, and crashed into two different walls simultaneously. For one thing, we are interested in a lot of things. Movies, Metal, Grunge, Photography, Food, Whiskey, Girls, Chicks, Babes, Women, Porn, Politics, Football….. you get the drift. Wall number two. We honestly don’t think we can call ourselves experts on anything.

So, we shall take the road less traveled by, and write about anything and everything we want. And you can go to hell if you don’t like that. Oh yes, if you really hate us, let us know. We would send you Christmas cards. Some would say we won’t make money this way. Well, guess what, we don’t make much of it anyway and we don’t really care. The real aim, is to waste other people’s time along with ours.

You are welcome, and Merry Christmas!!


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