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I’m not really fond of TV series. Apart from a few exceptions like F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Big Bang Theory, I’ve never been able to sit through more than a couple of episodes of any. When a friend of mine offered to lend me a couple of seasons of the 2010 BBC series “Sherlock“, I was reluctant to take it up. Little did I know then, that this Sherlock Holmes would be fond of location trackers and would be addicted to texting from his ( or anyone else’s ) mobile phone. That’s right. The BBC series Sherlock ( 2010 and 2011 ) portrays the super sleuth in our modern-day world of laptops, smartphones and Google Maps. And I must say, whoever had this idea, it has worked, and brilliantly.  When I sat down to watch the first episode, I had to resolved to quit it at the first uttering of, “Elementary, my dear Watson.” Instead, my first viewing session lasted a little over three hours, two episodes back to back.

The series, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat is loosely based on Sir Conan Doyle‘s work. The episodes have been created by liberally altering and adapting using the shorter stories in the Sherlock Holmes series. Benedict Cumberbatch, whom you probably have never heard of) plays a young, restless and superb Sherlock Holmes. This Sherlock solves mysteries making liberal use of smartphones, location trackers, graffiti artists as well his famous “Science of deduction.” He even has a live blog that you can actually visit: Martin Freeman, whom you just might remember from Love Actually (the porn actor), plays the legendary Dr. Watson. Just like Sherlock, Dr. Watson is also nothing like you might imagine. He’s a young veteran of the Afghanistan War, misses the war according to Sherlock’s brother Mycroft, and is far more active than Sir Doyle described in his books. The archenemy Moriarty is there, played by Andrew Scot. Interestingly, he is not portrayed as a professor living a dual life like in Conan Doyle’s originals. Here he is a criminal. He is unpredictable, cold and menacing; a ruthless anarchist who is determined to destroy Sherlock Holmes no matter what the cost or the consequences. Irene Adler is there too, played by a very beautiful and sexy Lara Pulver. Good news for perverts and warning note for responsible parents : There’s a nude scene of her in the series. In all honesty though, she doesn’t show much.

The best thing about this series is the refreshing new approach to the Holmes legend. The characterization of Holmes and Watson might seem a little along the lines of the Guy Richie movies, but there the similarity ends. The changes made in the original stories to suit the modern backdrop have been reasonable and aesthetically done. If you like it, and most of us will, you will have one complaint though : the scarcity of content. So far, there has been only two seasons with three one and half hour episodes in each. BBC has just confirmed that there will be a third season, so let’s look forward to it.



I was introduced to this by my girlfriend and since then every week I check for its new episodes in torrents. The 22nd episode of the 4th season is currently running on Star World. The story starts like this : Castle acted by Nathan Fillion is a famous mystery novelist who had killed off his main character in his book series and had writer’s block. One day he was brought in by the NYPD for questioning regarding a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels. He was intrigued by this new window into crime and murder, and uses his connections with the mayor of New York City  to charm his way into shadowing the captivating Detective Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic. Castle then decides to use Beckett as the model for the main character of his next book series starring “Nikki Heat”. Beckett, an avid reader of Castle’s books, initially disapproves of having Castle shadow her on her cases, but later warms up and recognizes Castle as a useful resource in her team’s investigations.

Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The characters in the series just creates a perfect balance for the viewers to enjoy. They are a set of warm and friendly characters . The main character is Richard Edgar “Rick” Castle, the mystery novelist who helps NYPD in their homicide cases with his out of the box thinking. He is also a cool and amazing single dad and a rich,charming, intelligent, quick-witted  playboy. The other main character is Kate Beckett who is a hardworking, dedicated  first-class homicide investigator of NYPD , she joined the force after her mother was murdered in an unsolved case. Kate is helped by Detective Javier Esposito and Detective Kevin Ryan and both of them are funny and hardworking. Alexis Castle is Richard Castle’s daughter and father daughter relationship  just warms up and gives the viewers a perfect relief after a head crunching murder case. Martha Rodgers is Richard Castle’s mother who stays with him and his daughter who also creates a warm and homely environment when needed. Together they solve amazing murder cases and Castle’s out of the box creative mind and charisma spices up the whole investigation process into a different level. The homicide cases are also very interesting, unique and are of varied nature involving everything from terrorism to fairy tales.

I thought of mentioning this in the blog so that you guys don’t miss such a wonderful thing. All the episode are available on the net and you can download the torrents. Let me know how you felt.